Cordless Angle Grinder – Corners Are No Problem

The use for a cordless angle grinder is more than just a corner, but in corners they are indispensable. These cutting and grinding tools are also known as side grinders.

The uses for this tool can be for removing excessive welding bubbles that have occurred during the welding of the joints or cutting a solid object into pieces. The kind of disc that is attached to the grinder will determine what it should be used for. For cutting metals, a diamond blade should be used. There are also abrasive grinding discs and stones that are used to take the imperfections off the surface of unfinished metal pieces. Sanding discs, wire wheels, and polishing pads are all used in the finishing process of a metal’s surface. ใบเจียร

An angle grinder operates under the same principal of a power drill. There is the application of a spinning motion by a power source. While a drill is on a direct shaft from the power source to the disc, the angle grinder has a bearing and the force to do the actual work is axial. This is to counter the side forces that are applied during its operation.

The cordless feature of the angle grinder makes them easier to use for most small applications. The freedom of operating and rotation of the disc is advantageous for many metal workers. This way, there is no interference from a power cord or an air hose. But the cordless angle grinder is limited to the amount of power in terms of horse power and length of use. Like with all power tools, there are advantages and disadvantages and each specific job will help determine which the appropriate application for the job is.


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