FAQs When Choosing Portable Spas & Equipment

This article deals with the frequently asked questions when deciding to buy a portable spa. There are many questions involved and anyone would want to make the right decision when they are spending. Let’s take a look at these questions and hopefully these answers will help. FAQs when choosing portable spas & equipment

Q: What is the difference between a hot tub and a spa? spa equipment in Houston

A: Hot tubs usually referred to cylindrical barrels that were filled with hot water for bathing. They became extremely popular in the late 1960s. When the industry started producing the same thing out of molded fiberglass or thermoplastic shells, they were called spas to differentiate the fiberglass from the wood. Today spas have many added features, like jet filters, seats, whirlpools, etc.

Q: What types of spas are available?

A: You can choose between a lightweight portable spa or a full size spa that seats many and is a good option if you want it for family and friends. Some spas are also built into the ground and this is perfectly suited for tropical or warm weather where freezing temperatures are not an issue. Portable spas are encased in a wooden cabinet and are placed on a concrete slab for strength and stability. They have built in pumps and electrical systems that make it an ideal choice for all.

Q: How should I choose my spa?

A: It would be advisable that you undertake an extensive market study. Ask about warranties and after sales services. Most spa warranties should cover the motor, shell and the control unit. Any quality manufacturer will not refrain from answering all your questions and will tell you the specifications as well. It is extremely important that you look under the hood of the spa. If a neat cabinet encases messy workmanship, then you know that you will be fooled in other areas as well. Also, look for energy saving features and a spa cabinet that is made completely out of foam. Also, please make sure that the spa has a 2×4 frame.

Q: What about plumbing for my portable spa?

A: Most above ground spas are filled with hoses, so you will not require hard plumbing. But please confirm this with your spa company.

Q: Where should I install my portable spa, inside or outside?

A: This primarily depends upon your preference and available space. It is important that you take into consideration the privacy and outside temperatures throughout the year. Like, is your region cold throughout the year? Then having it installed inside is a better option. If you can install a patio or an awning to cover the spa, then outside is a great idea. Spas will increase the humidity in the air in the house, so you will have to install corrective measures. Most importantly, will it fit through the door and will your floor support the weight? A typical three person spa filled with water weighs about 1200 kilos.

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