It Speeds Up Your Language Acquisition

One of the best and fastest ways to learn a new language is through immersion. While you certainly can learn and use key words and phrases when learned in isolated situations, such as through a class or online application, you will truly internalize it best when learning it in context. This is the best way to pick up on slang, different uses of the same words, and the way that native speakers use the language both formally and casually. community enrichment services


The cultural shock of moving to a new place where you can’t understand what people are saying is very overwhelming. It can be isolating to be on the outside of a language that everyone else seems to speak and understand fluently. However, remember that there is a benefit to being thrown into such a circumstance. You will begin to pick up on common words and phrases and learn both the meanings and pronunciations of the native language much faster than if you were slowly introduced to the culture.


It Strengthens Your Intuition


In familiar places, we are able to develop an internal sense of things that make us feel comfortable and things that make us feel uncertain. We know what kinds of behaviors and environmental scenes are common in the locations that we live and frequent, and eventually develop an intuition for when something appears to be just right or it feels a bit off. We can use this intuition to avoid danger, harm, or annoyances.


When you go through culture shock, your mind and body can feel like they are in a heightened state at all times and you have to adjust quickly. In your new country and culture, you will need to develop a sixth sense about your unfamiliar environment in order to keep yourself safe from people and situations that can take advantage of you. You’ll want to quickly learn the behaviors that are indicative of routine and friendly exchanges to hone your intuition for when something feels wrong or a little off. Going through this experience will help you to assess your surroundings and listen to your gut anywhere else you travel.


The experience of living and working abroad can lead to all of these benefits and help to develop a strong sense of self. The positive aspects of shock to a new culture can make you a better friend, employee, partner and human being. If you are ready to experience life abroad, apply to our Healthcare Internship Program today.

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