The Real Reverse Funnel

If you’re in the internet marketing niche, than you’ve heard of Ty Coughlin’s Reversed Funnel System, an MLM program created to help entrepreneurs make money online, however, Mr. Coughlin’s system is a misnomer to what the reverse funnel really is, and I would even go farther and say that Coughlin’s system gives the reversed funnel a bad name. Multiple Income Funnel Bonus

Coughlin’s program is more of a system. Words printed on a piece of paper for entrepreneurs to read so they can automate their business. But the program focuses on getting traffic to the business, and keep getting traffic to the business. For Coughlin’s program, the system is dependent on traffic. The more traffic you have to your business, the more money you’re going to make. This isn’t what the reverse funnel is. On the contrary, with the reverse funnel more traffic is actually worse.

The reverse funnel isn’t dependent on traffic. The real reverse funnel focuses on individuals, it focuses on the prospect of your visitor, and create a stronger, more impacting relationship which then results in more sales. Coughlin’s funnel is focused on getting a bunch of people to his business and squeezing them down a funnel in order to pop out a consistent amount of profit. The real version doesn’t have a consistent amount of profit. As time goes on, the reverse funnel’s profit grows larger and larger for each individual.

In simpler words, 10 people applied to Coughlin’s funnel will result in $100 of sales. But 1person applied to the real reverse funnel will result in $100 of sales.

The reverse funnel focuses on the traffic that it’s got now, and maximizes off of the profits that it can squeeze out of it. Coughlin’s funnel is just a regular funnel, where the task is to get as many people as you possibly can and put them down a funnel to exit out sales. The reverse funnel doesn’t depend on it’s amount of traffic to make a sale, it depends on the relationship between the prospect and the business to make a sale.

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