Wine Tasting Party

Do you have to be a sommelier to know something about wine? Well, if you want to tout yourself as an expert, perhaps but if you just want to enjoy a good glass of wine, go with your gut – or rather your mouth – and enjoy what tastes good to you. So, why not host a wine tasting party? Now before you hit the panic button, get uptight and claim to know nothing about wine, stop! We aren’t proposing you sit around discussing bouquet and barrel fermenting. We want you to have a little fun. visit:-

You can buy wine tasting party kits from various sources on the internet and local shops. Don’t want a kit? Here’s what you need:

  • Guests – think about whom you know that likes and drinks wine and keep the numbers small
  • A few bottles of wine that you think you might like – both red and white. Depending on the size of the crowd plan on 2 bottles of each type. Or for an added twist, ask your guests to each bring 2 bottles of their favorite wine. If you do this you will need them to email or phone you with the wine information ahead of time.
  • Printed wine tasting cards that list the wines you purchased with some information from the bottle
  • Pencils in case guests want to make notes about their favorites
  • Wine glasses. We recommend 2 per person. One for tasting and one for later
  • Plain saltine or oyster crackers for guests to cleanse their palates
  • Still (plain) water for rinsing
  • Some good music, good conversationalists and a sense of fun!

If you want to add an extra flare to the party, why not serve a variety of champagnes instead. Have friends bring cava, prosecco, sparkling wine and champagne instead of a red or white wine.

At the end of the event, serve some crackers/bread, cheese and fruit or some other small/light appetizers and offer each guest a glass of his/her favorite wine. Wine charms are a fun thing to introduce at this point. Each person can pick her/her own and attach to the glass. Put on some music and enjoy the company. However, above all things, drink and serve responsibly!

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