BSS Solutions For Your Business Needs

BSS Solutions

Telecom service providers are always seeking solutions to help improve their profitability. There’s no secret that competition and regulation have been driving the overall revenues of these organizations down for the last decade. One easy area to increase competitiveness for telecommunications companies is to invest in automation software that enables better decision-making and customer management. Get detailed information about the business strategies that can boost your organization’s growth, on this website:

BSS Solutions – Product Management

BSS Solutions (Business Support System) can assist with managing a telecommunications network. In the area of product management there is simple support for the development of new products. It also assists with the sales of these products, and the development of bundling deals for consumers and businesses. The key is to manage the relationship between different products as well as the pricing within any one product range.

BSS Solutions – Client Management

Client management using BSS is very straightforward. There’s usually a fully developed self-service module so that clients can manage their own accounts online 24/7. It will also support the development of complex relationship hierarchies across a range of different client-facing applications. CRM solutions can be fully integrated for the best possible value in client management.

BSS Solutions – Revenue Management

In-built support for billing for the entire range of OSS support services including provisioning and partner payments is part of the core BSS offering. This is an integral part of the BSS concept and billing should not fall under the OSS (Operation Support Systems) remit. For more information on the three strategic pillars of revenue management, visit this website:

BSS Solutions – Order Management

The final area in which BSS excels is in the realm of order management. BSS systems are designed to drive the business requirements for order management, unlike OSS systems which fulfill the technical requirements of the order management operation.

There will usually be support for all areas of order management within BSS and that includes status management, fallout, decomposition and orchestration.

An investment in BSS is a way of hugely simplifying the complexity of telco management. In essence, it’s a huge time saver and enables real-time decision-making for management processes. Telcos seeking simple means of improving their overall profitability have to invest in BSS. You can learn about the best way to minimize the loss possibilities, on this website: