Lehi, Utah Divorce Laws to Know Before Filing For a Divorce

Divorce Laws

Divorce is one of those unpleasant moments that can disturb you mentally and financially if you do not take proper care of yourself. In Lehi, Utah, dealing with divorce requires a good knowledge of Utah divorce laws. However, the best option is to seek assistance from an experienced Lehi divorce lawyer

With the help of your legal representative, you can easily overcome the aftermath of divorce and preserve your legal rights. In this blog, you will learn about Utah divorce laws you should know.

Grounds for divorce

In Utah, while having a divorce, you must know the grounds for divorce that Utah laws accept. Fault-based divorce is where the couples want to get separated because of reasons like cruelty, adultery, and domestic violence. No-fault divorce is where couples want to get separated because of their incompatible difference. Both of these divorces are recognizable in Utah.

Waiting period

Once you have made up your mind to file for divorce, and so has your partner, then you will be given 90 days to wait right after you file for divorce. In these 90 days, couples are given some time to rethink their decisions. It is said that most of the couples reconcile in this 90-day waiting period.

Residency requirement

Having a divorce in Utah comes with many laws and requirements. Likewise, in Utah, there is a residency requirement before you file for a divorce. The residency requirement concludes that at least one of the couples has to be a resident of Utah for a minimum of three months so that your divorce case comes under the jurisdiction of Utah.

Division of assets

When it comes to splitting the assets between the couples, Utah always makes sure that the division of the property will be done according to the contribution of both partners in their marriages and their financial situation after the separation. You can say that Utah laws divide the property fairly between the couples but not equally.

Child custody and spousal support

Child custody is one of the important aspects after filing for a divorce. According to Utah law, child custody will be based on the child’s best interests. Therefore, in Utah, joint legal custody is preferable because both partners will be equally participating in their child’s well-being. 

In Utah, spousal support will be based on the length of the marriage and the present financial condition of both spouses. If one of them is strong in financial condition and the other will need financial support after the divorce, the alimony will be awarded to the one with strong financial condition.

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