How Many Windows You Should Have


When you are building a home, adding a new addition to your home, or remodeling an existing room, one of the pressing decisions you will need to make is how many windows to add. It can be difficult to determine how many windows will best serve each room from both decorative and functional perspectives. After all, they can be beautiful, but they can also reduce your privacy. If you are finding it tricky to determine how many windows to add to your room or how many windows are too many, consider the factors below. Get detailed information about different windows designs that you can consider, on this website:

View and Lighting

The primary function of windows is to provide outside light to open up a room and to reveal a clear view of the outdoors. Depending on where the sun rises and sets, you might decide on more or fewer windows in a particular room. You may also want more windows in an area that has a spectacular view and fewer windows in areas that have an obstructed or less-desirable view. Keep in mind the potential for the view changing down the road should new homes and buildings pop up.

Circulation and Airflow

Windows not only open up a room and add light, but they can be used to create airflow and cooling. This is why almost every room in a home, even small bathrooms, tend to have some type of window. Fresh air can not only cool your home, but it can circulate out fumes from cleaning chemicals and replace stale or very wet air. If you have a room where you want to enjoy the benefit of light and circulation but retain privacy, consider sets of small windows that line the ceilings. You can learn about the factors that greatly impact on the interior looks of your house, on this website:

Decorative Appeal

Windows are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles that can add a decorative touch to your home. Even if your windows will not be fully exposed from the inside, they balance the external appearance of your home, and window fixtures add interior character and style. For further decorative appeal, you can opt for windows made from stained glass, decorative glass or glass that allow light in while creating an obstructed view from the outside world. Adding decorative glass to rooms that you feel have too many windows is a good way to maintain light while increasing privacy. Keep in mind that many decorative windows do not open to the outside world.

Privacy and Comfort

You could conceivably build an entire room out of windows, but privacy, comfort and energy efficiency would be sacrificed in the process. When determining the number of windows needed for your room, balance your need for light, decoration and airflow with your desire for privacy and comfort. While you may enjoy a wide-open window box upstairs in your office, you may prefer a simple row of two or three windows in your living room where you spend the most time with your loved ones.

Windows can open up small spaces, reduce your need for wall décor and give your room a natural and livable feel. When in doubt, add more windows:  it is always easier to add internal fixtures and treatments than it is to add more windows after the room is already built. If you have a room you feel does not need a window, find a way to give it some sort of natural air or light via skylights or ceiling-level windows. You can learn about different types of windows and doors, on this website: