Advanced Triple-Play Services for the Cable MSO

Cable MSO

When you’re seeking to add additional services to your cable network, it’s a good idea to consider a network provider that understands how to maximize your investment. While some cable networks are in a position to move directly to multi-play networks, for others this isn’t the right move. They want to add advanced triple-play to deliver video on demand and Pay TV services without breaking the bank. Get detailed information about the advancement in network technology, on this website:

A CATV network

CATV networks use advanced Hybrid Fiber COAX cabling technology to deliver additional high-end advanced triple-play services. Combining a series of headend, RF solutions, optical design solutions and specific components allows for the delivery of services that you’re looking to implement. This is often the best way for a Cable MSO to begin delivering additional services to their clients.

The Headend of a CATV network

The headend is the controller that enables you to manage multiple channels (into the hundreds) across the network so that individual subscribers can access the channel they want, when they want. There are solutions available for both digital and analog cable networks, and they support both SD and HD formats. The headend will incorporate a range of technical components which should have been selected for their being “best of breed”.

Optical and RF Solutions on a CATV network

Cable MSOs want to be able to rely on their technology providers. That means they should be able to conduct all the planning exercises that deliver a budgetary plan, an implementation schedule and in depth reporting that demonstrates where technology needs to be placed on the network to deliver the right customer experience.

Components for a CATV network

There are multiple components for the implementation of a strong network, and your technology provider should be able to walk you through the advantages that each part brings to your clients. You should examine the way the optical transmitters will support signal change at the headend, and what kind of amplifiers will be used, as well as investigate the splitters, receivers, modulators, and STBs. You’re aiming for state-of-the-art so that your network improvements have real longevity. You can learn about the secure data transfer technologies being used, on this website: