4 Budget Traveling Tips for Tourists Visiting New York City

Tourists Visiting New York City

New York City seems to be synonymous with the word “expensive” but if you do just a bit of due diligence you can enjoy your trip without going into debt. Use the internet to scout out budget accommodations and restaurants for travelers who are pinching pennies. Get detailed information about the best way to visit as many places as you want in a minimum number of days, on this website: champduboult

Find Reasonably-Priced Accommodations

Finding cheap accommodations in New York City can often mean you will be shacking up next to a rat or cockroach so avoid going to low budget when looking for a place to stay in NYC. Look around online to find yourself a hotel or apartment which does not break the bank. If you want to find a respectable hotel in the city you will have to pay around $100 per night or risk living in a shady establishment. Stay away from tourist hot spots like Times Square; hotels located in these areas typically charge $300 per night for a room. By staying at more reasonably priced spots you can also avoid the monstrous crowds which seem to mill outside on the streets around popular locations in New York City.

Engage in Frugal Tourist Activities

You do not need to buy tickets for the latest Broadway Show in order to have the true New York City experience. NYC offers “Free Friday” discounts where you can enter the posh Museum of Modern Art and The Whitney Museum of American Art of no or reduced costs. Soak up these respected institutions and save a nice chunk of change in the process. You can also spend days in New York’s world renowned parks system, rollerblading, jogging or simply lazing away the day in Central Park. You might even spot a celebrity in the city’s largest park as many of the wealthier neighborhoods in the city fall within Central Park West. Give your wallet a break while you soak up some of New York City’s most famous spots. Be creative and save yourself some serious cash in the process. You can learn about affordable traveling plans, on this website: www.bamboocompass.com

Spend Time Outside of the Boroughs

Just because you are touring New York City does not mean you need to spend your entire trip within the city limits. Northern New Jersey offers cities which can provide you with authentic experiences similar to NYC. Taking a trip over the George Washington Bridge to Fort Lee introduces you to Asian culture, or perhaps you can travel up the Pacific Palisades to Alpine, one of the wealthiest zip codes year in and year out in the United States.

Eat on the Cheap

The street food in New York City rivals the street scene in some of the largest cities on earth. Visit some of the ethnic restaurants or street stalls which dot the city to receive an authentic experience which helps you eat on the cheap. If you wish to be a little more conservative many of the cities less expensive restaurants offer tremendous fare at a reasonable price. Do your online research before visiting NYC to gain a better understanding of where you might want to dine without breaking the bank. You can learn about the cost-effective techniques of booking air tickets, on this website: www.compassnews.net